gr8 song

hbhbhhbppp no„„„

when ur whole crews mane game on point

when ur whole crews mane game on point

literally what

literally what

92 plays

forewarning: i have a really killer headache, im kinda tone-deaf, got shite editing and ive only been practicing singing for about a year, so this aint too great. but here it is. oh and the only things i own on this are the lyrics and my voice, not the instrumental music.

Sung to the tune of “Every Planet We Reach is Dead” by Gorillaz


gross tlks, i lost my way
tie up loose ends
neons cant strike me down
how are going to work this out

wolves are bad
i must turn back
i love the game, but god only knows its
gettin hard, to see the sun, comin through
i l-o-o-ve you, but what’re we going to do?

picture the cp’s [creepy pastas]
ill take ya deeper
down to the mate center

manes are aglow
don’ you know?
what are we going to do

when you go back
all the silly wasted days
youre in love with it
i want to rp again
i l-o-o-ve you
but what are we going to do?


earlier i was listening to music and thinking about how the song could possibly correlate with other things

and now im thinking up a totally genius parody of this song about bonfire heheh~

started from the bottom

now we here