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What do U Have against ppl that mate in BonFire??????


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Something that's been bugging me for a while--what's "wolfspeak" and where did it come from?


Well, I don’t know for sure where it came from. If any other blogger wants to add their two cents to this, they’re welcome to.

But as for what it is, it’s just someone using overly complicated words to describe simple terms, like “optics” for eyes, and “tassel/banner” for tail. It’s just really freaking annoying when people use it, cuz nobody has the time to go find a dictionary to figure out half the crap these wolfspeakers use, which don’t even mean what they say it does.

In fact, I am going to make a Wolfspeak Dictionary that will have all of the “fancy words” they like to use, what they think they mean, and what it actually means.

But yeah, wolfspeak is something that, while it can be okay every once in a while to spice up vocabulary shouldn’t be used all the time. It can make people think you’re a pompous douche even if you aren’t.

from what i remember and know, wolfspeak came from wolfquest, hence the prefix, wolf

after chat “”“”“censoring”“”“” was placed in, (not entirely sure if i remember this next part correctly) people started substituting words like optics for eyes and other odd things

then it spread over to feralheart and went downhill from there

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